The Saturday Fisherman’s Market

Every Saturday August 5, 2017
6:00 to 11:00 AM

Seafood enthusiasts can find an early morning ‘can’t miss’ destination each and every Saturday throughout the year at the Santa Barbara Fisherman's Market. A handful of fishermen gather on the City Pier (opposite Brophy's), year round, selling crab, rockfish, ling cod, black cod, halibut, urchin, abalone (sustainably farmed), and other catch of the day items – all with unbeatable prices and unsurpassed freshness and quality. 

You also have a chance to meet local fishermen as the area fishing crews set up tables and sell their most recent catches - still alive or recently killed.

If you are really, really early, you might also be lucky enough to discover a pile of Santa Barbara sea urchin. These spiky purple sea creatures are prized for their roe, called uni, which can be found on the fanciest menus around the world. Santa Barbara has some of the most famous urchin, much of which is shipped off to Japan and other countries, but here at the market you can buy a live urchin for just $5, crack it open, and eat it on the spot.

In the words of one local fan, “Everything about Santa Barbara Fish Market is great -- the fish is fresh, the prices are great, and the service is out of this world! I'd never consider getting my seafood from anywhere else.”

Please keep in mind that the Santa Barbara Fisherman's Market sells fresh seafood, but it is not a restaurant. If you are looking for a great seafood meal that you don’t have to prepare for yourself, you might try Brophy Bros or On the Alley right across the way.