32nd Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival

Great Meadow
Sunday, April 9, 2017
11:00 AM

April is National Kite Month in the United States and it’s all about flying kites and sharing them with others!

Kites can be as small as a postage-stamp or as large as a building and are usually made of paper and bamboo or rip-stop nylon and graphite. There are many types from single kites and single string kites (that fly multiple kites all at once), to large, complex creations that require a whole team just get them up in the air and flying. The variety of kites is endless and so is the fun you can experience and share with others at a kite flying festival.

Participants can bring their own kites from home or buy one at the event. There will be tons of free contests and everyone, regardless of age or experience level, can participate. There will be contests for “Best of Fest”, “Best Ground Display”, “Most Unique/Unusual Kite”, “Funniest Kite”, “Youngest & Oldest Kite Flyers”, “Kite Fighting”, “Most Un-flyable Kite”, “Most Beautiful Kite”, “Highest Flying Kite”, “Largest & Smallest Kites”, and “Sport Flying Kite”.

While kite flying can be great fun for folks, getting your kite soaring high up in the air can sometimes be quite a challenge. Here are just a few kite flying tips and tricks to help you get your kite up in the air and participating in the fun.

If you are launching your kite in good winds, stand with your back to the wind and hold your kite up so that it can catch the wind. The line should be let out only as fast as the wind lifts the kite. Pull the line in to make your kite soar higher if the wind tends to lull.

In gusty or light winds, use a high-start launch to make your kite climb higher in the sky where there are steadier winds. Have a friend or family member hold your kite about 100-ft. or more downwind from you with the line stretched tight. As soon as they release the kite, reel in the line to make the kite climb higher. And remember, the hardest way to launch a kite is by running. The kite tends to dive and crash due to the uncontrolled tugging on the line. Instead, allow your reel and the wind to do the job for you. 

Now…all you have to do is come to the Santa Barbara Kite Festival on Sunday, April 9th, keep your kite moving, and have a great time!