Granada Theatre
Tuesday & Wednesday
January 12 & 13, 2016

7:30 PM FLASHDANCE the Movie turns 32 this year! FLASHDANCE the Musical is the new stage adaptation of this 1983 film.

The original Paramount Pictures film, FLASHDANCE, initially opened to negative reviews by professional critics, but its unexpected popularity with audiences turned the film into a worldwide smash hit. FLASHDANCE became a pop culture phenomenon and the third highest grossing film of 1983. In just two weeks the soundtrack sold 700,000 copies, and the film made $200 million on an $8 million budget.

FLASHDANCE the Musical tells the inspiring story of Alex Owens, a working-class girl from Pittsburgh who earns her own money in an intense, male-dominated world. She works as a steel mill welder by day and a bar dancer at night while dreaming of being accepted at a prestigious ballet academy. She is strong and vulnerable but also outspoken and independent. Several story lines are woven into the script, but all are based on hopes, dreams, and taking risks.

There are several colorful stories related to the film’s production that appear to have added to the popularity and longevity of FLASHDANCE.

In the first, executives at Paramount Pictures were said to have wanted an unknown actress for the part of Alex, so a nationwide search was conducted. The finalists were narrowed down to three actresses: Leslie Wing, Demi Moore, and Jennifer Beals. A Paramount executive reportedly took pictures of the three actresses to a group of two hundred of the most macho men on the studio lot, Teamsters, gaffers and grips, asking them which of the women most attracted them. The answer was Jennifer Beals.

While Jennifer Beals did go on to touch audiences’ hearts, she also accidentally influenced the styling of a whole generation because of a simple washing mistake. Budgets were low and actors often wore their own clothes, so when Jennifer shrunk her sweat-shirt during rehearsals, she cut a bigger hole in the neck in order to pull it over her head. The result: women everywhere wanted to ‘be like Alex in FLASHDANCE’, with the hair, the headband, the legwarmers, but most of all, the ripped sweatshirt!

FLASHDANCE the Musical gives Santa Barbara audiences the opportunity to enjoy a live performance of this classic 1980’s film.

A fan says: “I was hoping not to make too many comparisons with the movie, but this theatrical musical did not disappoint. It was great to see it live. Alex was fantastic!” (Ticketmaster)