An Intimate Evening with Art Garfunkel

8:00 P.M. Saturday, June 20, 2015
Lobero Theatre
Art Garfunkel is a Grammy Award winning American folk rock and soft rock singer best known for his partnership with Paul Simon.

Simon and Garfunkel were born in 1941 and grew up just three blocks from each other in Kew Garden Hills, Queens, New York.

In an interview with Esquire magazine in 2011, Garfunkel described his first meeting with Simon this way: “I met Paul in our school play, Alice in Wonderland. He was this funny guy who cracked me up all the time. We moved to junior high school together, started smoking cigarettes. We loved "Earth Angel" and we emulated the Everly Brothers. We would stare at each other's mouths to copy each other's diction. I would watch where the tongue hit the palate when Paul said a t. Just where is that t? We would be nose to nose. When you're very young, you're insane. You're a fanatic about your loves. The world hasn't shown you how to corral the thing and be normal."

In many ways, throughout the years, Art Garfunkel has remained ‘un-corralled.’ Besides his success as a Grammy Award winning singer and Golden Globe-nominated actor, Garfunkel began a ‘walk around the world’ in 1983 by traversing Japan on foot. By 1997 he had crossed the U.S. A year later he began a trek in western Ireland, ending up in Istanbul, Turkey. He has since completed his walk across Europe.

Garfunkel says this about his walking: "I walk for the exercise, for the spiritual flush…I sing, I write, I try to connect with the wonder of it all. It's been a beautiful, healthy, and fine madness."

Add to this unique profile, Garfunkel’s love of reading that has expressed itself in his creation of a website that contains a year-by-year listing of every book he has read since 1968. Currently the list contains more than 1,000 books…AND…he has read the entire Random House Dictionary! (Garfunkel website)

There is little wonder that a man of such varied interests and talent could provide an evening of spellbinding entertainment described in these words by a fan: “Throughout he constantly told stories from his past, giving the audience an insight into what inspired the songs. Many of the stories sent the audience into fits of laughter, and the performance of each song was met with wholehearted applause…Art’s voice is remarkable, a voice that stops you in your tracks, beautiful, soulful, and in many ways, haunting.” ~ Aaron Perrins

Art Garfunkel, an American original, at the Lobero Theatre, Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 8:00 P.M. Don’t miss it!