Sunday, May 17, 2015
Santa Barbara Bowl
4:30 PM

Don’t miss the KJEE’s 11th Annual Summer Round-Up at the Santa Barbara Bowl. This year’s performance features: Of Monsters and Men, Walk the Moon, Family of the Year, and Santa Barbara’s very own…The Blues and Greys. Four awesome groups that will play to a SOLD OUT audience on May 17th.

Of Monsters and Men is a five-member indie folk-pop band from Iceland. A recent review of their concert posted on Ticketmaster (May 10th) said: “Beautiful. When OMAM entered the stage and opened their show with a song from their upcoming album, I was so surprised. It was the first time that I went to a concert where half of the band's set playlist was new songs and the other half being their hits. It was amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. DEFINITELY SEE THEM IF YOU GET THE CHANCE!”

Walk the Moon is an American indie rock band whose album, Talking is Hard, reached number 4 on iTunes on the first day of its release. Their concerts get rave reviews: “Great Vibes, as Always!! What can I say about a band I would travel two states over to see? Since the first time I saw Walk the Moon live, I have been a huge fan. They put on the best show, have the cleanest energy and the most uplifting message of any band that I know of who is successful today. If you are given the opportunity to witness them live, don't squander it! You can thank me later.” (Jes5icaKate)

Family of the Year’s second single, "Hero," reached #1 on the Triple A Top 30 Radio Chart and was featured in Richard Linklater's 2014 film, Boyhood. A recent reviewer said this about their concert: “Look no further than the amazing slow build that happens in the song 'Hero'. By the end of the song the whole audience can't help but tap their feet, bob their heads, and sing along.” (Ticketmaster)

The Blues and Greys, from Santa Barbara, have been featured in commercials for Budweiser and Subaru and on such popular television shows as Awkward and Teen Mom. A recent review of their album said: "Less than 20 minutes in length, the Bright Lights EP is a striking first effort with a fascinating lead vocalist and timeless songs that are absolutely captivating... Check into what The Blues and Greys has to offer and prepare to be swept away by this radiant band on the rise." (HighWireDaz.com)

Four great bands, all performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl on May 17…Don’t miss it.