The only reasons why I do anything are because it is fun now, it allows things to be fun later, or it ensures that things will continue being fun,

says Amy Boland in, ‘6 Reasons Why it’s Fun to Eat Local!’1

Finding a way to make this coming year more fun than last year seems like a resolution we can all affirm. Let’s follow Amy Boland’s lead and look into what makes shopping at local Farmers Markets so enjoyable.

Getting to know your local farmer makes your shopping experience more personal. The shorter the distance your food travels to get to your kitchen, the fresher and better it tastes. Having the chance to find out how your food is grown, and enjoying a local farm visit, enhances the experience of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Getting into shape, feeling better, and staying that way is enhanced when you consume local food that have more nutrients. And eating what’s ‘in season’ creates a natural variety in your meals and encourages taking chances on new foods you might never have tried.

Santa Barbara offers locals and visitors alike, the perfect opportunity to give ‘eating local’ a try. There is a Farmers Market in the area every day of the week except Monday.

If you still need a push to put this particular New Year’s resolution into action, try reading the comments below about ‘shopping local’ in Santa Barbara:

Spending Saturday mornings at the downtown Farmer's Market is one of my favorite things to do.”


I can't wait to get back out there and do it all over again. I don't think it would ever get old.”


The gorgeous colors, the delicious samples, the live music around every corner - a fun way to mix with neighbors and support local farmers.”

1 www.simplegoodandtasty.com.