The Saturday Fisherman’s Market

Seafood enthusiasts can find an early morning ‘can’t miss’ destination each and every Saturday throughout the year at the Santa Barbara Fisherman's Market. A handful of fishermen gather on the City Pier (opposite Brophy's), year round, selling crab, rockfish, ling cod, black cod, halibut, urchin, abalone (sustainably farmed), and other catch of the day items – all with unbeatable prices and unsurpassed freshness and quality. 

Waterfront Walking Tour

John Ummel, a long-time, retired local resident of Santa Barbara, will take you back in time during the upcoming Waterfront Walking Tour, as he relates stories of Santa Barbara’s past with a particular focus on events occurring in or near the ocean. Learn about the city’s rich and intriguing history, from the early Native Americans to the new chic Funk Zone that is transforming SB’s warehouse district.

32nd Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival

April is National Kite Month in the United States and it’s all about flying kites and sharing them with others!

Kites can be as small as a postage-stamp or as large as a building and are usually made of paper and bamboo or rip-stop nylon and graphite. There are many types from single kites and single string kites (that fly multiple kites all at once), to large, complex creations that require a whole team just get them up in the air and flying. The variety of kites is endless and so is the fun you can experience and share with others at a kite flying festival.